The Colonnade, Sydney Opera House

The refurbishment project was very challenging particularly as the Sydney Opera House is a heritage building and has a comprehensive statutory and conservation management framework in place to ensure it is maintained to exceptional standard. Working within a fully operational environment was
another issue managed successfully by the St Hilliers project team.

The project involved the construction of a 45 metre colonnade, or loggia, on the western facade of the building adjacent to the Playhouse and the Studio theatres. Nine glass openings into the building, comprising six windows and three glass doors, were also constructed. These openings provide a panoramic view of the stunning harbour setting of the Sydney Opera House.

The colonnade is the first structural alteration to the exterior of the Sydney Opera House since 1973. Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, who designed the Sydney Opera House, worked with his architect son, Jan Utzon, and Sydney-based architects Johnson Pilton Walker, to design the colannade, which has improved the ambience, function and life of the western foyers.


Contract Value

  • Location

    Sydney, NSW

  • Contract Type

    Lump Sum

  • Client

    Sydney Opera House Trust

  • Architect

    Johnson Pilton Walker

  • Completion

    February 2006

  • Project Value

    $7 Million


  • Winner

    2006 MBA of NSW Excellence in Construction Award for Best Use of Concrete.

  • Project Value

    $? Million

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