Bucketts Way Reconstruction Section 2 – Bucketts Way Landfill to Tinonee

The purpose of this project was to provide a road with a design life of 40 years while completing the works with minimal disruption to road users. Section 2 of the Bucketts Way Reconstruction from the Bucketts Way Landfill (ch 0m) to Tinonee (ch 2690m) incorporated the following works:

  • Provision of traffic control measures
  • Clearing of the site
  • Installation and maintenance of sedimentation and erosion control measures
  • Construction of table drains
  • Installation of subsurface drainage infrastructure and sub-soil drainage
  • Pavement reconstruction
  • Bitumen seal installation
  • Line marking
  • Re-establishment of signage
  • Regeneration of disturbed area.


Contract Value

  • Location

    Taree, NSW

  • Contract Type


  • Client

    Greater Taree City Council

  • Completion

    December 2016