A Monaro Masterpiece!

Our Monaro Team have delivered a once-in-a-generation Performance Arts Centre which includes major school upgrades to provide NSW students with high quality facilities at their local public school.

The new Performance Arts Centre will bring students innovative learning environments and support the growing local community. The flexible workspace includes specialised learning areas for Arts, Performance and Technology and includes an Innovation Hub. Housing 360 seats, the two-storey Centre will be enjoyed by the community within the greater Monaro region.

In addition to constructing this innovative new facility, the St Hilliers team completed major works across several existing buildings and amenities; upgrades include the installation of a semi-commercial kitchen, the refurbishment of learning spaces, staff facilities and change rooms, external landscaping, electrical substations, covered walkways, and a new carpark.  

A phenomenal job from Site Manager; Joe Sainsbury, Project Manager; Ben Owens, Site Foreman; Scotty Nero, Site Engineer; Bill Pei, Health & Safety Officer; Charlotte Craven and Contract Administrator; Samantha Langley!

Thanks to the entire team involved!

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