International Women’s Day 2021 – Jaz Rosa

@Jaz Rosa started with St Hilliers in mid-2019 as a Site Engineer and has developed a diverse skill set through being part of the project delivery team on projects such as the St Ives High School Sports Complex. In her year-and-a-half with us, we’ve seen Jaz grow in confidence and technical knowledge, and we’re looking forward to seeing her apply this self-assurance to future projects.

Jaz took some time to discuss the stigma surrounding women in construction and her positive outlook on equal opportunity.


Over 9 years in the construction industry, what challenges have you encountered?

Limited growth opportunities externally to St Hilliers, acknowledgement for females in management type roles within the construction industry. I struggled with receiving the support and encouragement to be site based originally, I believe the stigma surrounding women in construction still feels very office administration dominant, which is different within our culture at St Hilliers.


Thinking of your personal and personality traits prior to entering this industry, what traits do you now possess? Would you accredit this personal growth to working in a male dominated industry?

I came into the industry with self-confidence, self-awareness and assurance. This industry (as a female) is not for the faint hearted.


Do you believe the construction industry is heading in a positive direction for females? If so, why?

Yes, within the industry there is a larger emphasis on female participation, in particular at project level and onsite.


You’ve worked for St Hilliers for 1.5 years, starting in 2019. What would you say the culture is surrounding internal growth encouragement and direction success?

Correct, I have been here for 1.5 years, starting in August 2019. I believe St Hilliers gives females the opportunity to succeed on their own terms. There is a lot of freedom associated with career growth within St Hilliers.


If you could instil any words of wisdom for the new and upcoming females within our industry, what advice would you give?

Don’t be afraid to double back and check all the details prior to responding or presenting.

GET A JOB WITHIN THE INDUSTRY – AS SOON AS YOU CAN! Why: industry experience is the most valuable experience you will ever get. It will also shape your decision making and will give you a real-life experience of what your chosen career will look like.


What has been the most surprising part of being a woman working in construction?

Being treated equally onsite by the trades I have been dealing with on the projects since 2012.


Why did you choose construction? 

Initially because of my family influence and their position within the construction industry. The physical outcome of a complex and challenging project has always been inspiring to me, and a true motivator.


What has been your highlight since being with St Hilliers?

The St Ives High School project was very rewarding due to the build being an education facility. Also, another highlight is being able to relocate with my job and experience different cities and the variety of characters you get to meet and work alongside. I’ve moved from QLD to NSW to SA within the last 1.5 years, which satisfies my need to travel and for new experiences.


Lastly, is there anything that would surprise us about you?

My hobbies…mountain biking, snowboarding, wake boarding.


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