International Men’s Health Week

International Men’s Health Week is a great reminder to check in with yourself and reflect on your mental and physical health.
Improving your overall wellbeing doesn’t necessarily require big changes – the introduction of small habits can make a big impact on your overall lifestyle.

We’ve turned to our St Hilliers management team and wellbeing committee members to see what small actions they do as part of their routine to stay healthy and happy.

Men’s health is often neglected, especially within the construction industry where there are still large stigmas surrounding mental health; construction workers are 6x more likely to die from suicide than an accident at work.

Recognising that we have a large part to play in lowering these sobering statistics, we are enrolling our wellbeing committee members across Australia in an accredited mental health first-aid training course. The course is designed to help identify colleagues displaying signs of distress and facilitate lifesaving conversations, providing early intervention. St Hilliers is committed to breaking down the barriers to ensure our teams have access to the support they need.

This week, we urge you take a moment to check-in with your mates.

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