SEA1442-6 Facilities at HMAS Harman, ACT + HMAS Stirling, WA


Department of Defence


HMAS Harman, ACT + HMAS Stirling, WA



Contract type

MW-2 2004 - Design and Construct


Jan 21

St Hilliers infrastructure works include the following at each Satellite Ground Site located at HMAS Harman (Canberra), and HMAS Stirling (Perth)

HMAS Harman & HMAS Stirling works involved the below scopes for each site.  

  • Demolition and disposal of existing structures and services at the ASGS-E Ground Site.
  • Civil works including clearing of vegetation and earthworks to prepare the ASGS-E Ground Site. The finished area of the compound should include a permeable low maintenance material such as blue metal or limestone. Sufficient clearance should be provided within the compound to allow for datacell maintenance, security, and bushfire protection requirements.
  • Road pavements around the compound and connection to the nearest road including parking space for minimum of four vehicles.
  • Concrete foundations and slab on ground to support Capability Contractor’s Satellite Tower, Data Cell, including all ancillary elements.
  • External concrete footpaths & pavements.
  • New Power & Water submains to the site for new connections.
  • New power pillar at site.
  • New Communications Conduit & Fibre between the DNOC Building and the Ground Site (approximately 700 metres).
  • Perimeter security fencing and motorised vehicle gates.
  • Internal security fencing around Satellite Tower.
  • Trunking/Conduiting for CCTV cables.
  • Conduiting between the Data Cell and the Satellite Tower.
  • External Perimeter Lighting.
  • Earthing Grid including Lightning Protection at base of Satellite Tower.

In addition to the infrastructure works being carried out at each Satellite Ground Site, the St Hillier team also undertook associated upgrade works within the Defence Network Operations Centre (DNOC) at HMAS Harman, and the Defence Communications Building at HMAS Stirling (DEFCOMSTA-Perth). Both these buildings located at each respective interstate bases are highly secure and secretive, forming the hub from which all telecommunications are dispersed and received from naval platforms (ships). Within these communications buildings, there are multiple Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities which act as compartments with full Dw50 acoustic and 4hour fire rated construction. Access to SCIFs is strictly limited to those individuals with appropriate security clearances, meaning non-cleared personnel in SCIFs must be under the constant oversight of cleared personnel and all classified information and material removed from view in order to prevent unauthorized access. As part of this process, all personnel entering a SCIF are required to surrender all recording, photographic and other electronic media devices (ie smart watch, phones, cameras, fitbits, GPS etc) as all of the activity and conversation inside is restricted from public disclosure. St Hilliers scope within these SCIF compartments at each communications building include the following;

  • Demolition of existing walls
  • Build new Dw50 acoustic rated walls slab to slab (approx. 4metres high).
  • Install new ceiling lighting.
  • Install new electrical (power & communications).
  • Build an air-lock
  • Install new doors & frames.
  • Install x14 new workstations.
  • Install new FF&E throughout.
  • Install new floor coverings.

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