Puckapunyal Civil Range Maintenance Project


Commonwealth of Australia - Department of Defence


Puckapunyal, VIC



Contract type

Medium Works Contract (MW-2 2004) Construct Only


Sep 15

This project involved the repair and maintenance of roads and road infrastructure throughout the Puckapunyal and Graytown Military areas, in order to make high priority roads safe and enable access for casualty evacuation, fire access and training activities. The works included civil works, road signage, markings, grading and drainage. Works also involved the replacement of earth bunds surrounding 5 Explosive Ordinance Buildings as well as providing Lightning Protection. All works were delivered with strict adherence to the eDEOP101 Procedure before receiving eDEOP101 Compliance certification from the Commonwealth.
The overall Puckapunyal works were split into Part A and Part B.
Part A works referred to general civil works to the Puckapunyal Military Area (PMA) priority road network, including grading and re-sheeting of roads, cleaning and replacing culverts along identified routes and other associated works. These works were also enabled by Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) clearance as specified.
Part B included works which were grouped into five discrete work orders including:

  • Work Order No. 1 – Explosive Ordinance Traverse Bunding Graytown (5 Buildings)
  • Work Order No. 2 – South Gate Intersection Improvements
  • Work Order No. 3 – Miscellaneous Road Furniture, Gate Improvements around the PMA
  • Work Order No. 4 – Perimeter Road and ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Improvements
  • Work Order No. 5 – Puckapunyal Cantonment and Sealed Range Roads Improvements.

As the project was completed on a live range, a number of unique challenges were presented throughout the course of the program. Many areas were inaccessible while military training exercises were taking place, which challenged our ability to ensure works were completed on schedule. However, by ensuring daily communication with Range Control and flexibility around works, we were able to maintain program schedule.
Works within the Graytown Military Area needed to be delivered under strict security protocols with regards to site access, escort rights, communications and security clearances. To ensure adherence, two security guards were employed by the project team. One provided escorts for workers and deliveries while the other guarded the site compound to ensure the strict sign in and sign out protocols were adhered to including surrendering of mobile phones and cigarettes upon entry to the site.
Value for money was achieved through continuous reviews of the scope of works and by providing additional maintenance proposals.

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