Perth ATSC Upgrade Works for CMATS VCS Phase 1


Airservices Australia


Perth, WA



Contract type

Construct Only


Sep 17

Airservices Australia and the Department of Defence (Defence) have partnered to develop the OneSKY Australia Program, a joint solution that will modernise air traffic management in Australia and take advantage of an opportunity for air traffic alignment. To support the OneSKY initiative Airservices is required to provide infrastructure and facilities to enable the installation and operation of the new Civil Military Air Traffic Management System (CMATS) solution. The CMATS solution is expected to be installed and operating but not necessarily commissioned by 2018 and is expected to have a 20 year useful life.
This Contract specifically related to the Air Traffic Services Centre (ATSC) at Perth Airport, located within a security controlled site within the airport precinct.
The works comprised of the construction and systems inspection, testing and commissioning of all infrastructure upgrades and building works including:

  • Refurbishment and modification of the ATS Rest and Storage areas within the ATSC building to accommodate CMATS VCS Phase 1 and the current National Construction Code (NCC) requirements
  • Provision of new plant including:
    • New switchboards and bus bars from existing electrical infrastructure
    • New Computer Room Air Conditioning plant and equipment (CRAC units)
    • Provision of controllers for the new air-conditioning systems connected to the existing Building Control Maintenance System (BCMS) and existing National Technical Monitoring System (NTMS)
  • Upgrades to the existing security systems to the proposed CMATS VCS Phase 1 equipment room including the provision of electronic access and security cameras.

As part of the project, St Hilliers had to obtain all compliance certification and permits as required by the Principal and other relevant Authorities or as required by law, to ensure all building certifications including the requirements of any Authority / Operator were obtained.
The TCU, within the ATSC, is a shared space with Defence and operated 24 hours, 7 days a week. The TCU and National Airways Systems (NAS) services were to remain completely on-line and operational throughout the construction period with no disruptions whatsoever.
The method of work for all construction was carefully planned and delivered to allow for the strict constraints of working landside in this critical airways operational facility. St Hilliers was also required to ensure compliance with entry, remaining in and supervision whilst performing works in a security restricted areas, as per Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations.
The ATSC is located within a security controlled site within the Perth airport precinct. The complex has contained within it various Landside Security Zones under the Aviation Transport Security Act.
ASIC passes were required for all key contractor personnel.

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