Military Working Dogs Works, RAAF Amberley QLD


Department of Defence


RAAF Amberley, QLD



Contract type

EWP MEWC-1 2014 - Construct Only


Mar 20

Refurbishment of the Amberley Military Working Dogs precinct, home of the Maligators Military Working Dog Squadron, involved the demolition of existing structures, internal fixtures and services to various kennels, buildings and dog runs and replacement with new or modified versions. New Pet Hydration Stations were required for kennels with a complete rework of the existing dog running yards and puppy running yards to turn 21 running yards into 62. A full refit of a disused Security Office building and refurbishment into a Veterinary and Breeding unit has taken place with all new services, floor finishes, blocking up of existing louvre window systems and new doors and plumbing including a compliant PWD WC.

Detailed fencing works to 3 kennels and runs were completed along with significant electrical, mechanical and plumbing works. Roofing and cladding works were required to increase Zone 2 security requirements in A025 and most other kennels required roofing adjustments to sarking which was damaged. The hydrotherapy pool at B095 was reclad for the pump room and pool resurfacing has been provided to the pool itself.

Concrete works were required and ranged from footpaths and mowing strips integrated with fencing to hobs under door ways to provide a tanked solution for whelping rooms. Heavy concrete remediation works to a number of kennels was undertaken including chasing the cracks out and applying structural non-shrink grouts and buffing back to maintain levels of flooring consistent with the existing surfaces.

One of the buildings was provided with a Zone 2 security cleared room with DRN connectivity for office personnel to work from during day time hours.

A sewer ring main complete with grinder pumping system was installed to remove matter from the kennels and upgrade the existing sewer reticulation system, and booster pumps for kennels have been provided to maintain pressures for the hydrations stations.

Electrical upgrades have included replacement of an existing distribution board and fans, full removal of redundant services and replacement with relevant light and power requirements and a new light pole in the running yard for night training.

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