Force Level Electronic Warfare, Signals Intelligence & Vehicles Facility


Department of Defence


Borneo Barracks, QLD




Dec 21

The project objective is to provide additional deployable capability in the form of Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV) supporting the Force Level Electronic Warfare, Signals Intelligence and Vehicles unit stationed at Borneo Barracks Cabarlah, Queensland.

The works comprise of Stages 1–5 involving the construction of new and upgraded workshops, storage facilities and site infrastructure services which have been sequenced and programmed for progressive HOTO completion to stakeholders whilst maintaining access, safety, security, services and operational activities without interruption delivered through forward planning, stakeholder engagement, communication and co-ordination.

STAGE 1 – AUTOMATED ACCESS GATE: Stage 1 works encompass the replacement of manual access gates upgraded to automated gates with associated security systems and road siding lane servicing the heavy vehicle route along Bruton Drive.

STAGE 2 – PMV STORAGE FACILITIES: Stage 2 works encompass the construction of new storage buildings including infrastructure services, drainage systems, hardstands, footpaths, fencing and access gates supporting the Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV) noting that existing PMV operations will be maintained for the duration of the works.

STAGE 3 – NEW VEHICLE MAINTENANCE WORKSHOP AND NEW VEHICLE LOADING RAMP AND WEIGHBRIDGE: Stage 3 works encompass the construction of a new 12 vehicle maintenance bay workshop including new storage facilities for 6 general maintenance vehicles, infrastructure services, parking, hardstands, fencing, landscape and standalone loading ramp and weighbridge facility to manage heavy vehicle operations located in close proximity to Stage 1 automated access gate.

STAGE 4 – EXPANSION AND RENOVATION OF EXISTING WORKSHOP (A0066): Stage 4 works encompass the expansion and renovation of existing workshop building A0066 including infrastructure services, drainage, hardstands, footpaths, fencing and access gates.

STAGE 5 – DEMOLITION AND REMEDIATION: Stage 5 works encompass the decanting of FF&E from redundant facilities A07, A24, A25, A26, A62 into newly completed Stages 2 – 4. Underground storage tanks to be decommissioned, treated and remain insitu; services to be isolated, locked-out, tested, disconnected, terminated and capped-off with safe works clearance certificates issued; demolish and remove structures A07, A24, A25, A26, A62 to ground level, remaining slab and hardstand surfaces made good.

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