Our company has been built on the collective efforts of likeminded individuals who have worked together to create not just a prosperous company but a culture that we are proud to embrace.

We boast an open and honest workplace that is not dictated by hierarchy and where opinions, ideas and thoughts are expressed freely and frequently.

Our people create developments that are recognised as iconic buildings and are thriving hubs to live, work and play in.

Our people understand construction. We know how to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day. And after all that, we still know how to have fun.

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We celebrate our successes, no matter how big or small, and encourage our employees to continuously strive for excellence.


In an ever-changing environment, our people, processes and systems move quickly and easily to respond and bring our clients the best possible result.


We have worked on a varied portfolio of reputable projects each with unique challenges. We embrace the challenges diversity brings by focussing on delivering quality work and reliability.


Our dedicated and committed employees thrive off tackling hard jobs, solving problems and rising above challenging conditions.



From our executive team to our tradies, we all have one thing in common – we work better with a challenge. Our ‘can do’ attitude means we can tackle any hurdle that comes our way with confidence and efficiency.

At St Hilliers, we don’t believe in the ‘daily grind’ and thrive off the fact that every new work day brings a new task. We boast a diverse portfolio of projects across Australia from high-rise residential apartments to high security defence base facilities.


What it’s like at St Hilliers

A lot of the projects I’ve worked on have taken me right around Australia. Working remotely and away from home on the projects I’ve worked on has been made much easier by St Hilliers looking after us, with good quality accommodation and support.

St Hilliers definitely encourages career progression. They’re always in constant communication about the next role or where the next opportunity is going to be, also assisting with study and flexible working hours to get your study requirements achieved.

Andy Baxter

Project Engineer

I love working at St Hilliers. They have a different way of going about their work, their people are fantastic guys to work with and I think that’s just a part of the enjoyment of what I do; coming to work and being with these guys every day.

The team that work under me are a great mix of guys, and we’re all can do people. There’s young guys, some old guys, some serious guys, some funny guys, but we all get on very well and we carry that same St Hilliers culture over from the old to the new.

Andrew Cummins

Senior Site Manager